Ground Run-up Enclosure

VALIS GREs are developed from years of experience in noise reduction, structural engineering and airport supplies. The features described next work together to maximize noise reduction while improving airflow to minimize downtime for testing operations.

Intake angle and shape

VALIS GRE is U shaped and totally envelopes the aircraft. The sidewalls in the enclosure are slightly angled in order to reduce interference and turbulence under crosswinds. This means the open end of the enclosure is larger than the bottom end.

The walls of the structure are inclined at the intake side to reduce noise level transition effects.

Flat inner walls

The walls of the enclosure are designed to be perfectly flat, thus eliminating the accumulation of dust, snow and other light debris in eventual crevices or gaps. These flat walls do not hinder noise performance as primary reflection is low, due to our highly absorbent acoustic panels.

Noise diffraction controlling device – DCDT

VALIS GRE's feature is our patented noise diffraction controlling devices. These devices absorb sound at the top of the barrier and through their shape reduce the wave diffraction of sound, improving the slope angle of the noise shadow of the barrier.

COMPLAGE® Acoustic panels

COMPLAGE® acoustic panels have been used and constantly improved for 30 years in over 600.000 m2 of noise barriers. These panels are designed to maximize noise reduction in each of their applications, from road and railways to industrial installations and airports.

Tested in accordance to European norms, COMPLAGE® acoustic panels are rated classes A4 and B3, the highest levels for sound absorption and insulation.

Fabricated with a front end in expanded aluminum and a steel casing COMPLAGE® panels are a perfect match of durability, structural stability and cost. The panels are powder coated in thermo-fused polyester and can be supplied in any RAL color code.

The absorbing side of the panels has a variable transparence shape that maximizes absorption of sound while it minimizes water and dust entry to the panel. The interior of the panel is made of a sound absorbing inert material that is incombustible.

Jet-blast deflector

VALIS GRE's use jet-blast deflectors next to the rear of the enclosure wall. These deflectors re-direct the flow from the engines upwards but they also reduce the velocity of the flow thus reducing aerodynamic noise from the flow.

These deflectors are fabricated from expanded steel or aluminum, supported by a steel frame specially designed to resist the engines jet-blast.

Control room and wind station

VALIS enclosures can feature a wind monitoring station and a climatized control room.

Exterior covering

VALIS enclosures can be covered on the outside with steel panels. These covers prevent dust, snow and debris accumulation on the structure and can also be used for airport operator or airline advertising.

Tell us your noise reduction needs and we'll design a GRE to suit your requirements!