Jet-blast deflectors and blast fences

Jet-blast deflectors and blast fences are structures that protect airports operational areas from jet engine’s high speed exhaust air.

These structures are usually placed between planes aprons, taxi lanes and runways, and other operational areas of airports to minimize the space allowance needed for a safe operation.

VALIS Jet-blast Deflectors

VALIS' jet-blast deflector range covers a full scope of technical solutions:

  • Opaque: deflectors which form an angled wall with a slight curvature to deflect the jet upwards;
  • Mesh: deflectors made from a metallic mesh which self deflects the jet at angle. Mesh structures are partially transparent an allow sight from one side to other thus improving safety and security. Mesh structures can be angled, in which case the structure has an angle of 60º with the ground, or they can be upright, in which case the structure is upright at 90º with the ground.
  • ILS and radar friendly: deflectors built from glass fiber and reinforced plastic profiles that have a very low radar signature.

These different types of fences are appropriate for different uses and can be designed for specific needs in terms of aircraft and placement.

Tell us your blast deflection needs and we'll design a deflector to suit your requirements!